Valair Stock HP/TQ W/ Flywheel


Flywheel Option

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13″ x 1.25″ Stock Organic Replacement
Organic Facings
Rated @ Stock HP
3400# Pressure Plate

This kit converts your DMF( Dual Mass Flywheel) to a solid flywheel clutch. The benefits of this is a stronger clutch, less vibration, cheaper replacement costs,less chance of the clutch coming apart and less clutch slippage. One way to determine if your DMF is broken is to remove the inspection cover and try and turn the FLYWHEEL side to side. If it moves more then 1/8″ then its time for replacement. This kit comes with a 3400# Pressure Plate, Clutch Disc, Release Bearing, Pilot Bearing, Alignment Tool, and V2140 Flywheel.

NOTE: If you have a LUK style flywheel  then you may choose to order the kit without a flywheel. However you must get the flywheel resurfaced in order to avoid damage to the new clutch!

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