H&S 11-19 Ford 6.7L Dual High Pressure Fuel Kit


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H&S Motorsports is pleased to introduce the Dual High Pressure Fuel Kit for the 2011-2019 6.7L Ford Powerstroke. This kit has been in development since June 2012 and is finally available to the public after over 12 months of testing and refinement. The diesel industry has been longing for this modification ever since the release of the 6.7L Powerstroke and now the wait is over.

If you are looking for the ultimate in high pressure fuel supply, look no further than the H&S Motorsports Dual High Pressure Fuel system.

So what’s wrong with the factory CP4 fuel system?

Nothing is necessarily WRONG with it, but the factory CP4 fuel pump by itself is only capable of providing enough fuel to safely produce around a maximum of 480-500 horsepower. Once your power goals exceed that 480-500 HP range, more fuel is an absolute requirement. Assuming your factory CP4 pump is in good condition, this kit is easily capable of producing 900+ HP worth of high pressure fuel supply.


Kit Contents

  • 1 – Brand New Bosch Cp3 Pump
  • 1 – H&S Motorsports Pulley
  • 1 – Serpentine Belt
  • 1 – Pump Bracket/ Hardware
  • 1 – Injection Pump Harness
  • 1 – High Pressure Fuel Line/ Fittings
  • 1 – H&S Motorsports Fuel Filter Conversion Kit


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