6.7 Powerstroke Emissions On Tuning

Simple Truck Tuning Without The Hassle

The question of how to increase the performance of their truck, is on everyone’s minds. We always want more out of our trucks, to make it as economical as possible, yet increase the power. Luckily for diesels, both of those tend to go hand in hand. As you increase the efficiency of fuel burn, you increase the power, which means the engine doesn’t have to work as hard and that means more miles to the gallon.

A lot of customers want to keep their warranty intact, especially with their newer 6.7 trucks, but want the truck to feel more alive. Luckily, SCT has your back in this, they offer emissions on tuning with all of their devices. The SCT GTX, SCT BDX, and SCT X4, all offer various tuning options for your truck, while maintaining the government required emissions controls. This is the ultimate middle ground for your truck, while maintaining your warranty which is a huge plus to almost all owners.

But what about the warranty?

You don’t have to have much fear in that with SCT tuners. Thankfully here in the United States we have the Magnuson–Moss Warranty Act, which will protect you in most situations. The short version of the Act is, a dealership cannot deny you warranty work unless they can directly prove the tuning caused the issue. Which is most cases, isn’t the case. SCT’s tuning is very safe, and reliable and does not push your truck to the limit. The tuning simply brings the performance up to what it should of been from the factory. If you have more specific questions about warranty work, call us or your local dealership for more information. We are happy to help and share our experiences with warranty work.

Our Experience

We have personally tested their tunes and they work, plain and simple. We saw an average of 1-2mpg increases, without increased regeneration cycles and in my opinion it makes the truck run the way it should of from the factory. Depending on driving conditions it seemed like the truck went into regeneration less often too, presumably due to the timing advance SCT puts into the tunes. More timing advancement means a more complete burn of fuel, a more efficient burn and more power. Since its more efficient, that means less soot produced, which means less soot for the EGR to cycle and less soot to cake the diesel particulate filter, which results in fewer regeneration cycles and a prolonged EGR and DPF system lifespan. Which also means lower DEF consumption, which saves you money. The increased fuel mileage and the reduction of maintenance costs and reduction in money spent on DEF fluid, the device will pay for itself in less that 2 years for most drivers.

SCT Tuners

Not only do SCT devices offer their pre-loaded tuning, their devices are capable of doing much more than a simple tuner. They also have the ability to adjust or disable your TPMS system, adjust your speedometer to match the tire size you’re using. SCT tuners also allows you to install an aftermarket air intake, without pesky check engine lights. For the more hardcore vehicle modifies, it even allows you to alter your axle ratio settings, in case you swapped in a lower or higher gear set. That feature is extremely handy in keeping the transmission happy after a gear ratio change and maintains proper shift points.

The various SCT tuners come with a few emissions compliant pre-loaded tunes, each ready to meet your particular driving style. All of their tunes are dyno tested and dyno proven, for your truck and year. They offer some of the best out of the box tunes on the market.

The GTX and BDX units even have WiFi built in. The days of having to run back and forth between your truck and computer to tune a truck are gone, now you just simply connect to WiFi and tune your truck in under 10 minutes. That also enables easy and fast tune sharing, using the cloud based tuning system. Which really comes in handy when you want to step up to custom tuning.


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