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Irate S366 Turbo Kit

Irate S366 Turbo Kit
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Price: $2,299.00
Availability: In Stock
Model: IDS3
Average Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars!

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Aluminum Intake Plenums:
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Irate Diesel S366 Turbo Kit!



The Irate S366 Turbo kit is the PERFECT upgrade for any 7.3 Diesel! This is the FULL kit WITH turbo. This will put you right at the 500RWHP mark with proper injectors! Turbo comes with .91 A/R housing for quick spooling and everything you need to install the kit! This setup is HIGHLY recommended over the GTP38R direct drop in or drop in turbos for 94-97 trucks too! Any truck with 238/100 injectors and larger the wastegate option is HIGHLY recommended.

NOTE: 94-97 & Early 99 trucks MUST HAVE 3" intake plenums, E-Fuel kits 94-97 only in order to install ANY T4 mount kits!

Kit includes:

  • Pedestal
  • Collector with 304ss up-pipes
  • 304ss intercooler piping and intake Y
  • Two piece 4" downpipe (94-97 3" downpipe)
  • Valley return fitting
  • Stainless oil supply and drain lines
  • 4" stainless intake tube for 4" filter
  • All hardware for installation.


Comparison between doing a S366 kit and just a 38R upgrade:

GTP38R: $1,550.00
Bellowed Up-Pipes: $399.99
Non-EBPV Pedestal: $156.00

Total: $2105.99!
$300 dollars more and you can have a quicker spooling turbo with less back pressure!!!

Comparison with OBS

Up-graded turbo: $1,200.00
Bellowed Up-pipes: $899.99 From IH
I/C Kit: $150 for E99 Spider and $225 for pipes
3" Down-pipe $100
Non-EBPV Pedestal: $198.00

Total: $2,772.99!!!!

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Irate S366 Turbo Kit
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Irate S366 Turbo Kit
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Irate S366 Turbo Kit
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